3.500 years and the the city where the Olympic Games born. Is also the home of philosophy where Platonas, Aristotle and Solon born and where democracy arise. Acropolis of Athens and Daphni Monastery listed at Unesco World Heritage Sites.
Athens is the heart of museums such as Acropolis Museum, National Archaelogical, Benaki, Byzantine and Cycladic art Museum.
Athens is where your journey to the Aegean islands will begin!



One of the most famous island of Cyclades islands. Is also called “The island of the Winds” due to strong winds. The landscape of Mykonos windmills and Little Venice is the best place to admire the summer sunset. When you go inside Lena’s House is like you go the time back at the 19th century, the house belonged to a rich shipping family and now is a museum.
The most famous beach in Mykonos is Paradise with famous beach clubs every night is a different party.


Santorinis is the most glamorous island and has the most active volcano. Its famous for the landscape with white stone housed carved into cliffs. Don’t miss to taste the famous wine Vinsanto a sweet and strong wine. Also don’t miss the opportunity to sweam at the black sand beach and to visit the cosmopolitan town of Oia and admire the most famous sunset.

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Rhodes is the largest island of the group of Dodecanese islands and the capital of the group. Is well know for the Colossus of Rhodes one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Medieval Old Town is one of a World Heritage Site. Rhodes is also called The island of the Knights when the Knights of Saint John conquered the land.



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Patmos the island of Apocalypse the Jerusalem of Aegean, in this Holy Island Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. The Cave of the Apocalypse is a Unesco protected World Heritage. This sacred place has a mystical and natural beauty offer a unique experience combining religious history with the crystal water beaches.


Southampton is the largest UK port, 110 km south west of London you will admire the Bargate a symbol for Southampton since 12th century, the Tudor House and garden where you will feel the life of the city through years. Make your shopping in the Shopping Center at Westquay. Don’t miss to visit the Sea City Museum and St. Michal’s Church, the odest building still in use since 1070.

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It is the fifth largest city in Norway and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Admire the classic wooden colorful houses and the several museums such as Kristiansand Museum and the Kristiansand Kanon Museum. Don’t miss to visit the Movik Fort and the Kristiansand Domkirke church.